Welcome to Heart of Mark.com

ATTENTION all LVAD and heart patients.

My name is Mark Sandy and I am a Heart & LVAD Warrior


 I beat cancer and heart failure a struggle that encompassed 3 open-heart surgeries, including 2 LVAD surgeries and a heart transplant surgery and a surgery to remove a cancerous tumor on my kidney and much more

I’m a member of Healing Hearts of Central Ohio, an administer of both LVAD Friends and LVAD Strong FB pages, as well as creating a Heart Warrior Friends FB page to unite heart patients together and enabling online chats and interviews.

Learn about my heart issues and the heart of my community and how I have begun to help change it for the better.

You can book me for church and business presentations, inspiring congregations near and far to help them get through their difficulties and help businesses bring people together.

Learn how being a donor helps people, how you to can become a hero like my donor.

I showcase other peoples struggles, highlight how well my son has been able to get through his own struggles with music. Getting people interested in not only local charities but projects like Uganda H2O. So feel free to browse my website, learn, ask questions, and maybe drop me an email if you have an idea for the community, want to share website addresses or have a proposal.

Mark Sandy


Come and listen to my inspirational story, LIVE!

I will once again be speaking around the state and nation about my journey half way to heaven. My years of organ failure, cancer, strokes, seizures and so much more.