Beat cancer and heart failure. 3 open-heart surgeries. 2 LVAD devices. Heart transplant surgery, Surgery to remove kidney cancer, Oxygen deprived causing a stroke, Seizures and many times coding, Broken back, Broken ribs, Neuropathy.
Stage 3 chronic kidney disease, Right rear lobe damage, Hernia from the transplant surgery, Small Bowel Obstruction.
CMV virus, potential Brain shunt, Fatigue.
Learn how being a donor helps people, how you to can become a hero like my donor.

I am an administer of LVAD Friends FB Group & am an Ambassador for Donate Life & UNOS.
Collaborated with The YNOTT Foundation to extend both issues in medical and location areas.
Learn about my heart issues and the heart of my community and the
hearts of others.
I speak at churches and businesses about my story, to encourage and to inspire anyone looking to reach their goals and aspirations.


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I will once again be speaking around the state and nation about my journey. My years of organ failure, cancer, stroke, seizures, 2 LVAD’s, heart transplant and so much more.