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In 2013 I joined a group at our church that helped after school kids do their homework and learn good morals.

I’d told someone at church about my story at Cleveland Clinic regarding a lack of water to drink because the

fluid that was already on me.

I wasn’t allowed anything, so one day, my wife came in with a cup of coke cola and ice chips. So somehow

I convinced my wife to give me a kiss and sneak an ice chip into my mouth. It was like bliss and was like gold.

I was convinced that I had three options.


#1 Be an ice bag delivery man.

#2 The man who comes into your office and changes the big bottles of water.

#3 Build a well.

So Brenda Palm was the woman I met at the church at came up to me and asked whether I’d be interested

in helping promote the building of wells in a Village located in Uganda. It was once again one of those moments

that I knew was supposed to happen. It was #3 on my list and was one of those things that I’d wanted to do all my

life but never knew how to. I was to help promote the online presence and create ideas to help raise funds. I learnt

so much about their plea for water, which if everyone was to listen they’d instantly cry.

Brenda first met Francis Akono at OSU University where they were both studying. Francis was able to study in the

US because of his sponsorship from the Ford Motor Company, He was studying business management.

There friendship was formed and Francis proceeded to tell Brenda about Uganda, his village, the need for

water and the care of the orphans in the village.

They kept in contact and with the help of their professor at OSU (Ohio State University) and her daughter,

they started a campaign to raise funds to help Francis’s village.

As you’re reading this from my heartofmark.com website, this was my way of being part of the fund raising.

Brenda has literally been the brains of all of this, she even jumped on a plane, on her own and flew across

the world to this little village. If that’s not courageous and inspiring then I don’t know what is.

The majority of the village funding was all Brenda Palm. There are now two wells with fresh water that can be

pumped up for the villagers rather than the children and the women walking miles and miles.

They could be attacked by wild animals, raped by other village men and suffer terrible back injuries from carry

the dirty Jerry cans of water.

So as well as the wells, Francis is working on an Orphanage for the children that have no parents

because of the warlord Joseph Kony.



we need your help. Any USD amount is greatly appreciated.

So here I am to list what we still to do and to find ways to raise more funds. If your church wants a project, then maybe Uganda H2O is the project you can help with. It’s so rewarding and needs a team to visit and help build a relationship these amazing people.