Heartofmark (Mark Sandy) has had an amazing relationship with The YNOTT Foundation (Edward Drake) for quite a number of years now. Myself a heart transplant recipient and Edward a kidney transplant recipient, have crossed paths and both have amazing stories.

Edward came to OSU the Ross Heart Hospital to visit me and check on my progress, firstly with my LVAD and then secondly with my heart transplant. Finally in April of 2020, we decided to collaborate and help each other. I will direct kidney recipients and living donors plus families his way and vica versa. Also after a couple of Zoom meetings with Edward and his amazing team, I realized that I needed to learn more about the kidney seeing as I now have chronic stage 3 kidney disease. I am praying that this helps us both in our quest to teach and change the way we live our lives. By sitting down and talking to people that are going to have a transplant, or a family member that is worried or even explain to people how important it is to become a Organ donor. By clicking the link at the end of this page, you can visit The YNOTT Foundation page.

What is The YNOTT Foundation?

“Some men see things as they are, and say Why? I dream things that never were and say YNOTT?”–Robert F. Kennedy

Mission: The Youth Needing Organ & Tissue Transplants Foundation (YNOTT?) is a 501c3 non-profit organization founded on September 6th, 2007 in Columbus, Ohio that’s committed to providing support to pediatric transplant patients, Increasing awareness about the need for organ and tissue donation, and promoting health prevention and wellness in the community.

What We Provide: Our organization educates pediatric transplant patients on the importance of staying compliant both pre- and post-transplant, and improve their overall transition to adult care. We host many kinds of health awareness events in the community to educate people on healthy lifestyle choices and other preventive measures. We seek to reduce childhood obesity and improve youth fitness and nutrition. Lastly, we actively encourage and promote organ and tissue donation in the community.

Target Audience: Youth (Birth-21 years old), Minorities, and people faced with adverse situations.

Target Areas: Schools & Colleges, Medical Treatment Facilities, Worship Facilities, Companies & Organizations.

Accomplishments: The YNOTT? Foundation has provided support to thousands of pediatric transplant patients nationwide. We’ve hosted and/or participated in hundreds of health awareness events, been featured in numerous media spotlights, and received a number of awards and honors for our services in the community.

Our Slogan: “YNOTT? BRIGHTEN A CHILD’S DAY”, and our guiding vision is to Brighten The Lives of Children who have experienced organ failure and other life threatening illnesses.

Statement of Values:

  • We value the opportunity to Save & Change Lives in our community!!!
  • We value Teamwork
  • We value a Diverse working environment
  • We value Education
  • We value Honesty and Integrity among our team
  • We value the ability to use our Imaginations!!!
  • Click here for The YNOTT Foundation